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Form Last Aggression
Andreas Peiffer, 2018

Clattering industrial motors, chained together like wild beasts, drill their way through the wall, metal steps of an escalator torn from its familiar surroundings hang flaccidly from a crane hook as if broken open, or a steel object for stabilizing shafts in danger of collapsing from civil engineering floats strangely in the exhibition space: Andreas Peiffer dismantles, deconstructs and destroys objects up to entire rooms. Through these partially brute interventions, which resemble a test of endurance, Peiffer breaks through spatial boundaries and familiar ideas of space as well as the associated patterns of behaviour and expectations of places and spaces, just as he does with a pneumatic hammer. In his site-specific works, in which massive materials from the building trade such as steel or concrete are used in large-scale objects and spatial interventions, Peiffer asks questions about the dynamics of size, materiality, weight and processes and goes to the limits of the bearable. His works contain numerous references to art and literature, such as Chris Burden's "Fife Days Locker Piece", a performance in which the artist locked himself in a locker for five days, or "In der Strafkolonie", a story by Franz Kafka.

This artist book assembles Peiffer's artistic outpout of the years 2013–2018 with research material, collages and sketches.

Andreas Peiffer (born 1982 in Marktheidenfeld) studied fine arts at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel with Elisabeth Wagner and at the AdbK Munich with Julian Rosefeldt and Olaf Metzel (Meisterschüler). In 2015 Andreas Peiffer received the Bayerischer Staatsförderpreis für Bildende Kunst. His works have already been shown in several solo and group exhibitions in Bremen, Detroit, Hamburg, Kiel, London and Munich.

Text contributions: Anja Lückenkemper, Andreas Peiffer, Felix Ruhöfer, Anne Vieth

Design: Maria von Mier

240 p., 2c offset, thread-sewn, softcover, 21 x 29.7 cm

ISBN: 978-3-947250-14-1

1st Edition of 500, German/English
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