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Premium Discount – b(u)y Kitti & Joy
Kitti&Joy, 2018

Kitti & Joy collaborate since 2014. Their work is interdisciplinary, collaborative, performative and unfolds in a wide range of media. The constant of their artistic practice is a friendship-based continuous dialogue converging in a cosmos of images, mirroring a both playful and critical view on the world of the western middle class. Their first catalog is published with Hammann von Mier and creates another dialogue – the one between two female artist duos and their artistic practice.
Kitti & Joy were born in the same hospital by chance and were introduced to each other later by fate. They live and work in Munich, Germany and New York City. Their first joint show Train & Gain with Kitti & Joy was celebrated enthusiastically by their Munich’s audience in 2015. Their favorite works include the Sticky Giveaways and the Fabulous Famous Lycra Legs.

208 p., 4C offset, softcover, including stickers, a postcard and one part of Kitti & Joy's Starschnitt (life-size poster), 17 x 24 cm

ISBN: 978-3-947250-15-8

1st Edition of 500, English/German
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