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colophon No. 2: Atlas
Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Institute of Art History LMU Munich, 2022

colophon – Magazin für Kunst und Wissenschaft is the outcome of a collaboration between the Institute of Art History of LMU Munich and the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. Within the framework of a cooperative seminar, students from both institutions developed contributions under the direction of Magdalena Becker and Niklas Wolf. The publications is accompanied by texts from various young writers and graphically designed by students of the Academy's print workshop. Further issues of the magazine will be published semi-annually with a different thematic focus.

colophon, Nr. 2 (Atlas):
010011, Atlantiküberquerung, Atlasania, Aufklärung, Bindung, Charakterologie, Colophon, Diagramm, Diversität, endemisch, Farben, Fiktion, Garten, Geographie, Instrument, Karte, Klima, kontrafaktisch, Kosmogonie, Kugel, Labor, linear, Melancholie, Mythologie, Neue Welt, Neurath, Normierung, numerisch, Orientierung, Projektion, Raumerkundung, Restlosigkeit, Revolution, Säule, Schafsleber, Schultern, Tafel, Taxonomie, Tisch, Übersetzung, Umordnung, Utopie, Verzerrung, Warburg

With contributions by:
Vinzenz Adldinger, Petra Aleweld, Andre Bagh, Magdalena Becker, Eva Blüml, Anna Carrarini, Benjamin Gerull, Nikolai Gümbel,Mia Hollwich, Lucian von Hösslin, Wilma Jopke, Sarah Lehnerer, Michèle Quack, Maria Rüegg, Philipp Schwalb, Peter Seeland, Daniela Stöppel

Design and Print: Andre Bagh, Andreas Ullrich

ISBN: 978-3-947250-45-5

numbered edition of 300

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