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colophon No. 3: Journalbild
Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Institute of Art History LMU Munich, 2022

The starting point is a cooperative seminar between the Academy of Fine Arts Munich and the Institute for Art History at the LMU Munich. Focused on the use of photography in newspapers and magazines, participants asked questions such as: Which photographs are published in newspapers and magazines? What is the status of the images in each case? How are they arranged and classified, how do they relate to the text? What has changed in comparison to (the very) past, and what is the significance of digitization in this context? In addition to these questions the seminar also examined artistic works that focus on the field of print media.

Including contributions by:
Martha Baer
Lucia Bischler
Luisa Engler
Carolin Gut
Katherine Haase-Schumacher
Lisa Hartmann
Julia Landes
Shihao Li
Isabella Limmer
Deqing Ma
Marlene Mützel
Emma Pausch
Anna Pentzlin
Simone Scharlach
Amélie Schönberg
Isidora Stajic
Eva Maria Stangassinger
Michele Vitucci
Wang Xi
Anne-Marie Zeif

ISBN: 978-3-947250-48-6

numbered edition of 300

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