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Als Hallo die Mündliche Welt verließ
Kyrill Constantinides-Tank, 2018
(Ruine München)

Ruine München zeigt: Kyrill Constantinides-Tank

Kyrill Constantinides Tank, born in Munich in 1990, studied art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Here he made his first experiences with live performances and performances, both solo and in collectives and bands ( / LadeKabel / Lappenforum). In addition to sculptural and painting activities, he further developed his performative practice, in which the spoken text became the main protagonist. During a semester abroad in Athens he played sound collages, live improvisations and discussions with his friends in the self-organised exhibition space Circuits and Currents via the radio station CircuitsOnAir.

Ruine München is an independent/artist-run/not-for-profit exhibition series based in Munich and takes place at least four times per year on various venues. Instead of maintaining a permanent exhibition space we offer respectively one artist a budget for the production of a publication and a corresponding release event. We think of Ruine München as a platform to showcase artistic positions that are not (or to a lesser extent) object-oriented, like text production, research-based and performative practices. Ruine München is being operated autonomously but dependent on voluntary work, the distribution of its publications and the support of the Cultural Department of the City of Munich. Ruine München is run by Jan Erbelding, Johanna Gonschorek, Leo Heinik and Maria VMier.

36p., b/w digital print, stapled, special: magnet "Hoffentlich nicht anale Phase", 16 x 22 cm

ISBN: 978-3-947250-12-7

1st Edition of 70, German
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