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Cosy bei Cosy
Jan Erbelding, Leo Heinik, Maria VMier, Philipp Gufler, 2023
(Ruine München)

A fanzine about the artist Cosy Pièro and her bar Bei Cosy.

Cosy Pièro (b. 1937) is a painter, object and installation artist and ran the legendary queer artists' bar Bei Cosy for 20 years, where she performed self-written chansons. She founded Werkstatt Brücke 7, a producer's gallery with studios where artists such as Rabe perplexum and the minimal club collective worked. Most recently, in October 2022, she was awarded the Art Prize of the City of Munich for her life's work.

Cosy bei Cosy was made by Ruine München's core members Leo Heinik, Jan Erbelding, Maria VMier, in close collaboration with the artist Philipp Gufler, who is a longtime friend of Cosy Pièro.

This publication was released on January 28, 2023 as an event by Ruine München in collaboration with Philipp Gufler. Ruine München is an artist-run space with publication series. Ruine appears about four times a year at different more or less public places. We understand Ruine as a platform for artistic modes of presentation that are not, or to a lesser extent, object-oriented, be it enactment, roleplay, performance or reading. Ruine München thus offers artists working with ephemeral live formats a solo show according to their very own parameters. For each Ruine a publication or edition is produced in a small run, accompanying the fluid format with an enduring element. Ruine is run by Maria VMier, Jan Erbelding and Leo Heinik.

Editors: Jan Erbelding, Leo Heinik, Maria VMier & Philipp Gufler
Design: Maria VMier, Jan Erbelding
Picture editing: Jan Erbelding
Text: Ruine München (language is German)

72 pages, 4c indigo digital print, thread stitching, softcover, print run 150, 17 x 21 cm

ISBN: 978-3-947250-52-3

1st Edition 150 (German)

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